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What is JSToolNpp

A Javascript plugin for Notepad++.

  • Douglas Crockford's JSMin algorithm to minimize Javascript code.
  • My own algorithm to format Javascript code.
  • A JSON data viewer. This JSON data viewer can handle >10MB JSON file easily.

Really helpful to Javascript coder on Notepad++ and really easy to use it.

What's New in 1.16.6:

  • Fix negative number bug.
  • Fix some expression format bug.

Made in China.

License: GPL 2.0

How to install

You can install JSToolNpp through Plugin Manager in Notepad++:

  • 1. Run Notepad++.
  • 2. Open menu: "Plugins" - "Plugin Manager" - "Show Plugin Manager".
  • 3. Under "Available" tab, select "JSTool".
  • 4. Click "Install" button. Then Plugin Manager will do downloading and installing automatically.

Or you can download JSToolNpp and install it manually. See Help...

JSToolNpp - A Javascript plugin for Notepad++ - Made in China

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