JSMinNpp 1.11.4 Beta Released

最近找工作太忙,修改了代码,都是我自己在用 dogfood 版本,很久都没有发布一个 Beta 出来。昨天抽空更新了一下 ChangeLog,进行了一个 Release 编译,于是:

I’m seeking a job recently, too busy to release a new beta version. Code was changed several weeks ago and I am being using the dogfood version for a long time. Finally, I build a “Release Build” version yesterday, then here we comes:

JSMinNpp 1.11.4 Beta

更新内容 Change Log:
Update JsonPP.
Fix “unexpect space” of JSLint.
Fix “finally” bug.

下载地址 Download:


源代码 Source code: