JSToolNpp 1.15 Released

What’s New in JSToolNpp 1.15:

  • Change name to JSTool.
  • Added simple search in Json Viewer.
  • Fixed Json Viewer and editor linkin bug.
  • Fixed Json Viewer utf-8 bug.
  • Other tweaks.

Download links:



JSMinNpp 1.13 Released

What’s New in JSMinNpp 1.13:

  • Performance improved (JSFormat will be about 2X faster).
  • Linked editor with Json Viewer: Clicking a data node in Viewer, editor will navigate to corresponding line.
  • Added a logo.

Download links:

JSMinNpp 1.12 Released

What’s New:
Fix a bug in JSON Viewer.
Update JsonPP.
Fix “unexpect space” of JSLint.
Add an option to keep indent in empty line.
Fix “finally” bug.
Change project site to http://sunjw.us/jsminnpp/

Download links:

JSMinNpp 1.11 Released

What’s New 1.11
Move to Google Code.
Add a Json Viewer.
Change classes inheritance hierarchy to build a smaller binary file.

Download from here and try.

Although the source code repository has been moved to Google Code, downloading is still from SouceForge.net.

Sooner or later, it will be on GitHub

改用 Android 之后 II

在换到 Moto Defy 进入 Android 阵营之后,曾经写过一篇博客,对比 iOS 系统和 Android 系统。这篇博客被一些网站转载(1, 2)后,被各种“大神”们猛喷

现在 Defy 已经用了快半年,期间也接触过一些别的 Android 手机,最近实验室的项目更是进入了 Android 开发领域,是时候再写一篇,进一步写一写使用的感受。这次就不做对比了,因为手头没有运行 iOS 5 的苹果设备,而且也没有怎么用过新的 iOS。


  • 同步

我始终还是认为,iOS 的同步是一个很好的方法,在音乐和视频传输、应用程序安装和数据备份方面都有明显的优势。

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