JSMinNpp 1.13 Released

What’s New in JSMinNpp 1.13:

  • Performance improved (JSFormat will be about 2X faster).
  • Linked editor with Json Viewer: Clicking a data node in Viewer, editor will navigate to corresponding line.
  • Added a logo.

Download links:

JSMinNpp 1.12 Released

What’s New:
Fix a bug in JSON Viewer.
Update JsonPP.
Fix “unexpect space” of JSLint.
Add an option to keep indent in empty line.
Fix “finally” bug.
Change project site to http://sunjw.us/jsminnpp/

Download links:

JSMinNpp 1.11 Released

What’s New 1.11
Move to Google Code.
Add a Json Viewer.
Change classes inheritance hierarchy to build a smaller binary file.

Download from here and try.

Although the source code repository has been moved to Google Code, downloading is still from SouceForge.net.

Sooner or later, it will be on GitHub

Google stackoverflow in Firefox

自从发现了 stackoverflow.com 就无法自拔,csdn.net 之流完全无法何其匹敌。不过 stackoverflow 自己的搜索还是不太靠谱,于是每次都是用 Google 的 site 参数搜索 stackoverflow.com,用起来比较麻烦。于是做了个 Google Stackoverflow,可以在 Firefox 的搜索栏里面直接用 Google 搜索 stackoverflow。正在审核中,不过已经可以尝试安装了。