fHash 2.0.0 for Mac OS X

fHash 2.0.0 for Mac OS X is available on Mac App Store now!
Image of Mac App Store

fHash is an open source files’ hash calculator for Windows and Mac OS X

  • MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and CRC32.
  • Drag & drop.
  • Integrated with context menu in Explorer/Finder.
  • Support multiple files.
  • Support 10.10 and later Mac OS X.
  • English and Simplified Chinese UI.

The icon “希” is from hash in Chinese “哈希”.
Thanks for Trend Micro Mobile Club’s support.

Project Site https://github.com/sunjw/fhash

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JSMinNpp 1.13 Released

What’s New in JSMinNpp 1.13:

  • Performance improved (JSFormat will be about 2X faster).
  • Linked editor with Json Viewer: Clicking a data node in Viewer, editor will navigate to corresponding line.
  • Added a logo.

Download links:

JSMinNpp 1.12 Released

What’s New:
Fix a bug in JSON Viewer.
Update JsonPP.
Fix “unexpect space” of JSLint.
Add an option to keep indent in empty line.
Fix “finally” bug.
Change project site to http://sunjw.us/jsminnpp/

Download links:

CMFileManager for ICS Standalone

CyanogenMod 10 中自带了一个 CMFileManager 的文件管理器,很好用,可以提升到 root 权限进行操作,有类似 Windows 资源管理器的路径导航栏,界面也很简洁、漂亮。这两天给它改了改,移植到 CM 9 之上,并且成为一个可独立安装的 APK 包,不再需要放到 /system/app/ 中。

CyanogenMod 10 has a file manager app called “CMFileManager”, which is simple and easy to use and can run as ‘root’. It has holo style UI. Now, I’ve make a standalone installation package of CMFileManager, you do not need to put it into /system/app/ anymore.

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JSMinNpp 1.11.4 Beta Released

最近找工作太忙,修改了代码,都是我自己在用 dogfood 版本,很久都没有发布一个 Beta 出来。昨天抽空更新了一下 ChangeLog,进行了一个 Release 编译,于是:

I’m seeking a job recently, too busy to release a new beta version. Code was changed several weeks ago and I am being using the dogfood version for a long time. Finally, I build a “Release Build” version yesterday, then here we comes:

JSMinNpp 1.11.4 Beta

更新内容 Change Log:
Update JsonPP.
Fix “unexpect space” of JSLint.
Fix “finally” bug.

下载地址 Download:


源代码 Source code: